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Nov. 9, 2011

AGTA GemFairTucson - A Learning Experience
The American Gem Trade Association's annual GemFair in Tucson, AZ, each February is an opportunity for anyone involved in colored gemstones and pearls to learn more about this margin-friendly product category.  Whether it is formal educational sessions or the valuable networking opportunities, the AGTA GemFair™ Tucson offers a wealth of information for those who want to build and expand this part of their business.  MORE


Eye Catching Jewelry from the 2012 AGTA Spectrum Awards
Jewelry News Network
There's been a lot of talk about the winners of the AGTA Spectrum Awards, which were named Oct. 24. And all of it is well deserved. However, there were hundreds of other creative, innovative and otherwise beautiful pieces on display during the media review of the entries on the same day. Here are just a few that caught my eye: MORE

Harry Winston - A Multi-Faceted Business Model
AGTA Member Harry Winston founded what has become the world's most famous brand in high quality diamond jewelry in New York in 1932. He soon became renowned for collecting the world's rarest and most beautiful diamonds, and also for giving back--the most famous gift being that of the Hope Diamond to The Smithsonian Institution in 1958. MORE

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Another year, another AGTA Spectrum Manufacturing Honors for Yael Designs!

Spectacular 'Lava' fire opal diamond ring was recognized with Manufacturing Honors in Evening Wear! For more stunning designs and breathtaking gems, check out the Lyra Fashion collection; inspired by cosmic beauty and blooming with color. Click here to see more.

Platinum Guild Looking for Color in Platinum for PR Efforts
Platinum Guild International USA (PGI-USA), the marketing arm for the worldwide platinum jewelry industry, is excited to announce the official launch of our dedicated Press Site: PGI-USA is one of the first jewelry associations to offer the media unprecedented access to view and download the latest news, photos, and videos directly from a unique URL. MORE

Stillwater Mining Company Just Got Bigger
Seeking Alpha
Stillwater Mining Company (SWC) is a Palladium and Platinum mining company based in Montana. They have two producing Platinum Group Metals (PGM) mines in Montana, Stillwater and East Boulder, with a planned expansion of each known as the Blitz /Graham Creek project. In addition, Stillwater owns the Marathan Project in Ontario Canada which is expected to increase their PGM reserves by over 3 million ounces. MORE

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AGTA eLearning Platform - Affordable Web-based Training

The American Gem Trade Association has developed an online eLearning Platform with the sole purpose of increasing the knowledge base of the front-line sales associate. With knowledge comes confidence and with confidence comes sales. Access to the platform is FREE to AGTA members for up to five associates, then only $25 per person. Click here for more details or non-member pricing.

Sale of the Week: Jewelry Fit for an Empress at Sotheby's Geneva
This week the biannual Geneva jewelry auctions are returning, and the most spectacular of the sales will be at Sotheby's on Tuesday. The highlights include a 110.03-carat yellow gem known as the Sun-Drop Diamond, as well as a suite of diamond jewelry that has belonged to various imperial families over the last three centuries. The Sun-Drop is the largest-known pear-shaped fancy vivid yellow diamond in the world, with a purity rating of VVS1 and the highest color grading from the Gemological Institute of America. MORE

Pearl industry leadership participates in CIBJO Pearl Commission Meeting to discuss unambiguous, clear nomenclature for natural and cultured pearls
In an extraordinary meeting of the CIBJO Pearl Commission held in Hong Kong last September, a prestigious group of individuals with intimate involvement within the natural and cultured pearl industries, including producers, wholesalers, retailers, auction houses and gemologists, discussed and shared their views on the use of the term "pearl" in a manner that will help avoid confusion or misrepresentation throughout the supply pipeline of pearls and in particular among consumers. MORE

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agta eprism A Fully Integrated Precious Metals Company

Operating in over 40 locations and $1.2 billion in revenue, NTR Metals has quickly become the trusted, go-to company for precious metals refining. Contact us
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Social Media Success Is About Purpose (Not Technology)
Harvard Business Review
In the real estate world, there is a saying: "The three considerations that most impact value are location, location, and location." In the world of social media, they are purpose, purpose, and purpose. Nothing impacts the success of a social media effort more than the choice of its purpose. Because purpose becomes the cause around which people will rally and be inspired to act, it is also the source of social media's business value. MORE

Shaping of a $2.5 million bra
The Miami Herald
Since 1996, it's been a Victoria's Secret signature to feature a ritzy, bejeweled number in its shows and holiday catalogs.
…The process included more than 500 hours of skilled labor to hand-place more than 10,000 stones, including 3,400 pearls and 142 carats of diamonds as well as citrines, aquamarines, and the show-stopping tassel centerpiece adorned with two 8-carat-plus white diamonds and two perfect matching yellow diamonds of more than 14 carats…

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Step inside the Diamond Council Reading Room!

The Diamond Council of America invites AGTA members to visit our online Reading Room, which features a library of articles, videos and other resources to help your business thrive.

IGI, the Standard
of Excellence
in Gemology
since 1975

IGI, a worldwide gemological laboratory, providing objective and accurate grading, identification and appraisal reports for gemstones and fine jewelry along with laser inscription and educational courses


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